Maison MK, Marrakech


I visited a seriously magical little restaurant whilst in Marrakech. It’s on a rooftop in the middle of town. Maison MK is peaceful, relaxed, bright and utterly beautiful.  Now at this point I would usually ramble on and tell you about the different dishes and how they were, however, when getting all my pictures together for the post I realised I can’t remember what any of them were. Well, this is embarrassing. So instead I will just leave you to have a scroll…

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Marrakech Moments


Marrakech has been on my travel hit list for quite some time. After a quick hop, skip and a jump, (Manchester to Marrakech) I found myself snuggling into a feathery, cloud like cocoon of a bed in the tropical oasis that is the Four Seasons. After a poolside breakfast of dates, watermelon & mint tea, we made our way to the iconic souks. As you walk into the main square you find yourself enveloped by a cloud of smells and sounds unlike anything you…

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Burger and Lobster, Manchester


Burger and Lobster has finally graced the North. HALLELUJA!!!  No menus or specials boards, just four dishes; the lobster, the lobster roll, the burger and the lobster mac n cheese.  We are not talking a skinny little half lobster either, I mean a big, beasty brother, dripping with lemon butter and big juicy bacon cheeseburgers in bricoche buns, bursting with flavour. That glorious moment when your food arrives… And you have ordered everything on the menu.  The burger offering was thick and juicy, with a…

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The last time I visited Barcelona was in the winter. Summer is an entirely different kettle of fish. It oozes the same beauty, history and irresistible European chaos… but with a little added charm. As soon as we arrived at our home for the weekend we ditched our bags and headed straight to the pool, keen to totally immerse ourselves (in a few cocktails). We meandered down to the beach to take in that unique hippy-chic vibe. The W Barcelona has been on my hit list for…

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Nino Viejo Barcelona


Ok, so I think we might just have stumbled across the best tacos in Europe. Bold claims, I know. Theres this little Mexican joint I have dying to tell you about ever since I visited a couple of weeks back now.  Welcome to Nino Viejo, the newest restaurant of Albert Adrià and Paco Méndez. First there was the infamous El Bulli, then Tickets, Pakta, Bodega 1900 and now there’s this new Mexican kid on the block. Albert Adrià is the brother of Ferran Adrià,…

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Mykonos Moments


For my last post on Mykonos I wanted to share my remaining pictures and give a quick travel guide to this wonderful island. Stay We stayed at the Mykonos Ammos Hotel which was a short walk from Ornos beach. Now, if you read my blog you know I don’t write negative reviews, I just don’t write at all however I am never going to write something positive about somewhere that I didn’t truly like, it’s a waste of your time…

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Appagio, Mykonos


Overall the food in Mykonos didn’t blow me away. Most evenings we ate on Ornos beach which was a lazy stroll away from our hotel. We never had a bad meal but at the same time we never had an amazing meal, you know, worth writing home about. That was until we found Appagio. Appagio sits on the west side of Ornos bay. A small scattering of tables cover the seafront.  They serve up some of the freshest fish on the…

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