Fresco Freddo, Manchester


Last week I received a lovely email from the folks at Fresco Freddo asking if I would like to come and sample their new menu at the brand spanking, sparkly, new shop in the centre of Manchester. Why of course I would! Scrapping any attempts at a ‘be cool’ approach, I was so excited to be in a situation where it was totally acceptable, no I will rephrase that, encouraged to eat lots of creamy delicious gelato.

Gelato is not ice cream, we will get to that in a minute but let’s start from the top. I grew up in Tuscany…


My childhood was filled with the most fantastic food as I was brought up in the heart of a Mediterranean lifestyle. My school dinners would put many top restaurants to shame. We lived in the medieval walled city of Lucca, a city filled with amazing restaurants, pizzeria’s and more importantly a gelateria on every corner.

Saturday was our day to indulge.

Our school days were very very different to back home. The average academic day began at 8.30 and finished 12.30 everyday, including Saturday.

Every Saturday my dear old pa would pick me and my sister up from school, we would walk home via Piazza Napoleone which was a short way from where we lived and grab pizza and a gelato, a firm ritual that we proudly upheld rain or shine. As a youngster this particular gelateria was my favourite place in the city. When family and friends came to visit, a trip to said place was on the agenda everyday. I would proudly show off Tuscan gelato to my cousins as if I owned it, we were to visit the finest Gelateria’s Lucca, Pisa, Florence and San Gimagniano had to offer. With this said, I consider myself a little bit of connoisseur.

Back to Manchester…


Fresco Freddo is a beautiful newly opened gelateria on Oxford Street. The fresh decor and airy ambiance jumps out to the hungry passer by. It’s a welcoming mix of homely and chic.

As I said before, gelato is not ice cream. It’s sooooo much more. Gelato is low fat, has no artificial flavouring and is made with milk not butter cream.  It contains much less air than ice cream resulting in a rich, intense and oh so yummy experience.

Photo-4-252852-25291 Photo-1-4
 The brownies were insanely good. I have already decided that when I return I am having a full one with a big dollop of panna cotta gelato! The richest, gooiest brownies in town! 


We arrived at the lovely shop, which was already filled with dessert hungry guests. I grabbed us a table and was more than ready to get stuck in. The wonderful staff talked us through the choices on offer and challenged us to have a try of every flavour on their vast menu. Challenge accepted.


Where to start? Amaretti buiscuit, pistachio, chocolate, hazlenut chocolate, coconut chocolate, cookie dough, panna cotta… I could go on and on.
They also serve amazingly fruity, fresh sorbets (perfect for a treat if you are ‘being good’) – The passion fruit is definitely one to try. 
Photo-1-3 Photo-4-252861-25291

 Everyone seemed in high spirits, we enjoyed mini cone after mini cone washed down with  lemon ice tea. 

Photo-4-252866-2529Photo-4-252867-25291Photo-4-252869-2529 Photo-4-252870-25291

Brownie, gelato, ice tea. Brownie, gelato, ice tea. Brownie, sorbet, ice tea. We had so much fun making our way through the magnificent menu! When I reached the hazelnut chocolate exceptions had to be made for a second mini cone, it was my favourite of the night, so so so good

Photo-4-252871-25291 Photo-4-252872-25291 Photo-4-252873-25291 Photo-4-252874-25291 Photo-4-252875-2529 Photo-4-252876-25291Photo-4-252878-25291 Photo-4-252880-25291 Photo-4-252882-2529 Photo-4-252886-25291 

After well and truly over indulging on the sweeter side of life we said our goodbyes and headed in the direction of something a little more savoury, with one for the road of course.


I can hand on heart say that Fresco Freddo offers some of the best gelato I have ever tasted and I’m ecstatic with this little addition to the city centre. I will most probably be back at weekend for the brownie I have been craving since leaving on Tuesday evening. 


You could be in Florence… 

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