Koffee pot, Manchester


Breakfast is seriously underrated.I feel like all energies are put in to great lunch options and star lit evening meals, breakfast has been bypassed. Circumstances lead me to a ‘loner breakfast’ in town… Not a big deal at all, I really do enjoy my own company.


 There are certain things one can indulge in alone with no guilt whatsoever. Say for example I was eating with a friend or the boyfriend, I couldn’t really get away with demolishing a massive plate of food whilst my eyes were firmly glued to the September issue of Vogue. However when you venture out alone with only a nice meal and your own selfish pleasures on the agenda, the world very quickly becomes your oyster.


I am completely reformed. I love being the lone diner. I posed the question of location on twitter and there were two very clear suggestions, home sweet home or Koffee pot. Both are located in the Northern Quarter and this would be my first dining experience at either. For some reason I was completely drawn to Koffee pot and I must say I am so glad.


Greasy spoon meets diner meets hipster. I ordered, sat myself next to the window with my cup of coffee and magazine at hand. I strategically tucked myself in a little corner away from any ‘don’t you have a friend/significant other/family/cat’ stares.


I read, glugged my morning caffeine fix and found myself totally chilling out. Nobody to please but myself. Vogue quickly became the best company ever.

Photo-42 Photo-4-25289-25291

My food arrived – Fried bread with haggis, eggs and spinach. Dirtily decadent.

Photo-4-25285-2529 Photo-4-25286-25291

I polished off as much as I could and sat for a while, well and truly stuffed. Koffee pot is fantastic; lovely staff, a chilled atmosphere, fabulous food, fresh filter coffee… It’s just a generally great place to grab the most important meal of the day, alone or otherwise. 



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  • Anonymous

    told you 🙂

  • Yum! This looks such a nice place. Love the mug haha! Your blog makes me want to nip up to Manchester for a weekend and go to all the places you’ve recommended!

    Gabby, Tread Softly x

  • Looks great – never been there so will have to try it out. I also love going out for brekkie! Never been on my own though, maybe I’ll give it a go!

  • Anonymous

    Haggis for breakfast
    Wotta woman!!!
    this must deserve a complimentary”POT HEAD”mug
    just lovley

  • This place looks so much fun!