YOLO cookies!


The following is not something Nigella, Delia or even Anthony Worall Thompson would be proud of. That’s saying something isn’t it? YOLO stands for ‘You obviously love Oreo’ and of course you do only live once which is important to remember when tucking into these devastatingly delicious concoctions. They are the ultimate comfort food and you are going to love them, I promise.


  Now these are product of an embarrassingly uneventful weekend and a boyfriend who wanted ‘something good’ to eat. 

Photo-4-25281-2529 Photo-41

Preheat your oven on gas mark 5. 

Mix you cookie dough, 50ml of veg oil, your egg and a small amount of water.


The making of the cookie took a little trial and error, turns out you can’t make a cookie dough ball and try to feverishly force an Oreo in to it. 

Use a Cupcake tray if you have one, if not a normal baking tray will be perfect. Line with grease proof paper and get ready to make some Oreo sandwiches. 

Spoon a little dough, roll in to a ball and pop on the tray. 

Place oreo on top. 

Roll another little ball and place on top of your Oreo, make it big enough so that you can strategically construct a little cookie dough house that completely encases your biscuit.  All a bit Hanzel and Grettle isnt it? 

Photo-4-3- Photo-3-25281-2529


Make as many as you desire/require. Leave yourself a nice amount of dough to eat as they bake. If you have decided to make these, calorie counting is on hold. 

They are amazing served fresh from the oven, melty, oozy parcels of joy! 

Photo-4-25284-2529 Photo-2

If you cant wait until they cool you will achieve the perfect oreo centre as the below picture. But that’s boring. Grab the molten Cookie, a big glass of milk and enjoy! They are fabulously naughty. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Photo-1-25281-2529 Photo-11 Photo-3-25285-25291

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  • Yumyum yumyum!!!! I am MAKING these. xx

  • This is evil!

  • Anonymous

    Amazingly filthy.

  • Hayleyx

    I tried something similar a few months ago and my oreo did not look like that! How did you get it to look so perfect? xx

    • If you leave them to cool for long enough they sort of solidify. Failing that pop one in the fridge for picture purposes x

  • These look amazing, I will be holding you responsible if I get fat!

  • yoloyoloyoloyoloyoloyoloyolyoloyoloyoloyoloyloyololololololyoooooyyo


  • Just found your blog – love it! X

  • These look heavenly and very dangerous!

    Ella xx