Cheeky little jelly shots


When life hands you lemons, make shots. 


Ever since I saw the lovely Lorraine Pascale make these I have been itching to have a go myself. With the sun shining and the girls coming round for a few wines I couldn’t think of a better excuse! 


To make the watermelon beauties you will need:

10 large limes

6 leaves of gelatine

Pack of raspberry jelly (you may have a little left over)

400 ml hot water

1 passion fruit (for seed decorations)

For a boozy twist I added Chambord… 


– Put gelatine sheets in a bowl and cover with cold water. Pop kettle on to boil.
– Cut limes in half and scoop out the flesh. This is not as easy as it sounds so dedicate a little time. I ran mine under warm water which made it easier to pull out the insides.
– If you have a muffin tray, use it! Pop your hollow lime shells in the holes.
– Next break up you jelly, pop in a jug and add 400ml of hot water. 
– Now for the gelatine. Squeeze off any excess water and pop the now gooey soft leaves in to the jelly mixture. Stir until everything melts together. Add your booze of choice. 
– Pour jelly in to the lime shells. Pop in fridge to set. If you are in a rush put them in the freezer and they should set in about 30 mins.
– For the seed decorations scoop the seeds from a passion fruit on to some kitchen paper, dab the seeds dry and set aside. 
– Once they are firm, remove from the freezer. Using a sharp knife cut in half, decorate with seeds as desired… and Voila… Beautiful watermelon shots! 


To make the lemon beauties you will need:

10 large lemons

6 leaves of gelatine

Pack of lemon jelly 

400 ml hot water

For a boozy twist I added limoncello… 


 Repeat the above process switching to the relevant ingredients and booze, minus passion fruit seeds… 

Photo-4-25285-2529 Photo-3-25286-2529 Photo-4-25286-2529 Photo-4-25287-25291

Little slices of sunshine! 


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  • so cute!

  • Gorgeous!

    I had these (sans voddy) at an asian fusion restaurant a few years ago, they were a palate cleanser and I begged the recipe from the head chef. Havent made them for ages but your beautiful pics have reinspired me to do some!

    Love the seeds – they really finish it off!

    Hannah x

  • Hayleyx


  • Still contemplating making these! 🙂 xx

  • Anonymous

    I love jello shots! The seeds on the watermelon ones look too cute. Great job!

  • Anna

    These are too cute!

  • They are so cute! Think I’m going to make these for my Christmas parties!

  • How yummy! Pinned and making for the holidays x

  • Anonymous

    How much booze should we add?