Manchester food and drink festival #1


 Well, I would love to be sharing an almighty, over excited first post of the Manchester food festival… It didn’t quite go to plan.


It started so well. I had prosecco and Pad Thai for breakfast! Seriously now, does it get any better?

Photo-3 Photo-4-5- Photo-4-252811-2529 Photo-4-252814-25291

And then the good folk of apple swooped in and consumed my afternoon (The boy got his new toy, I did not). 

Photo-4-252813-25291 Photo-4-252815-2529 Photo-1 Photo-1-1 Photo-4-252819-2529Photo-4-252817-2529

When we returned the festival was in full swing… heaving. I don’t mind queuing for my grub but after sitting in a phone shop for the best part of two hours I needed a good stiff drink. I found my poison at the liars club. Good people of Manchester, hit this tiki shack up. The drinks are worth the wait.

 Photo-4-25281-2529 Photo-1-2 Photo-3-2

After that food and photography flew out of the window. We sloped off to the Alchemist for a sit out in the September cold and a passion fruit Mojito.  


It was a liquid lunch by all accounts, it is the food and DRINK festival after all. I promise to eat on my next visit.

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  • Chris Garner

    I cant really think of many better places to enjoy liquid dining than at the Alchemist…so kudos to you for that!! And as for having Prosecco and Pad Thai – you deserve a high five for that, breakfast of champions 🙂

    Better luck with the food side next visit

    • Breakfast of champions indeed, I need to make it a more regular occurance I think 🙂

      L x

  • Anonymous

    The passion mojito looks wicked.

  • SarahM

    I LOVE the Liars club with a capital L. Easily the best bar in Manchester.

    • I still need to visit the actual bar. From the cocktails I tried I can tell that they are to be pretty darn special

      L x