Posh beans on toast


Winter has arrived.

I really feel like it has come from nowhere this year. The cold and frosty days do bring a few little treats… Roaring log fires, wrapping up in a million layers and spending afternoons sipping mulled wine…

But most importantly, winter brings comfort food. For me beans on toast is the ultimate comfort food, it makes me go all gooey and smiley on the inside. This little recipe multiplies that feeling by ten. Its so simple and so darn good! 

To make this little version you will need:

– Diced pancetta. The amount is up to you, I use A LOT, I love it.

– Olive oil (for frying)

– 1 small diced red onion

– 1 clove of garlic

– Rosemary

– Tinned borlotti beans 

– Tinned tomatoes

– Salt and pepper

Oh, and some chunky bread. I use soda bread. 


Start by frying off your pancetta. You want the bacon pieces to turn into little golden nuggets (as Nigella would say).

Then in goes your diced onion. Fry that off until golden and soft. 

Then goes the garlic, make sure this is just a nice light golden colour.  Once the heavenly  smell of frying pancetta and garlic has filled the kitchen add your rosemary, tomatoes and beans. 

At first it looks a little watery, do not panic. Simmer on high for around 10 minutes and let all of the water evaporate out. What you are left with is saucy, bean perfection. 


Toast your bread of choice and smother in lashings of REAL butter.

Photo-4-25287-25291 Photo-4-25289-25291

And there you have it. Simple, wintery and rustic. You will never look at the blue tin in the same way again. 

Have a lovely weekend! 

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  • yum!

  • Anonymous

    This looks scrummy!

  • NigelR

    My wife makes a similar dish with smoky bacon and a bit of l&P sauce. It’s epic!

    • It sounds fantastic! A few people have mentioned using smoky bacon…

  • This sounds like it will warms the cockles of the heart

  • Jenny

    CANNOT WAIT TO TRY THIS! Real little winter warmer!

  • This looks like comfort food heaven 🙂

    • Oh it really really is… surprisingly guilt free?! x

  • Oh my gaaawd, this looks so delicious!
    I love your recipes (as well as all your other posts). Keep ’em coming! 🙂

  • WOW this looks so yummy! I wish I was having it for my lunch xo