Tickets, Barcelona


 Most people get excited about Tickets because it’s the baby of the Adria brothers, owners of the infamous and elusive El Bulli however my excitement stems from it once being described to me as “If Willy Wonka opened a restaurant”… 


 Our entire Barcelona trip was centred around a visit to Tickets, we booked flights before we had a table, a little bold considering that it’s one of the hardest restaurants to get a reservation at in the entire world. So how do you get a table I hear you ask…

Tables become available online 60 days in advance, one day opening up at a time and seating around 80 people. Basically you need to know exactly when you are going, calculate 60 days before, wait up until 11 o’clock UK time (Midnight in Spain) and as soon as the clock strikes the foodie hour GET THAT TABLE. It’s not rocket science nor is it impossible as people will have you believe. You really do only have a one day window unless there is a cancellation, which seems to be pretty rare. 


Being all continental we booked our table for 10pm, a good move as it allowed us to get the most out of our evening and also visit the sister bar 41 degrees which only opens to the public from midnight until 2am.

We arrived and were kindly greeted by a lady in a top hat, she made sure we had a reservation and escorted us to our seats which were right in front of the kitchen and quite frankly amazing. As soon as you enter you are immersed in a fun, cheerful and whimsical atmosphere. The decor is bright, light and quirky.


Lets get on to the food…


We started with the olives which I can only describe as little globes of mind blowing flavour. They were so intense they caught us both a little off guard. Absolutely incredible. 


Next was the Iberian ham with crunchy, delicious tomato bread.


Mini air bags stuffed with manchego cheese…


On top are olive filled orbs, cheese and a little hazelnut. Swallowed whole you experience each flavour individually yet they all combine harmoniously in the end. So so so so good. 

P1050559 P1050561

Orange salad…


This little dish was not loved by my other half, the mix of sweet orange and olive jus did not in any way float his boat. I on the other hand loved it, I  loved the mix of sweet and savoury.

These cones were a cheeky little favourite…


These are tuna belly cones. Fresh, zesty little mouthfuls of gorgeousness. 


Oh, this was so darn good. Avocado Galician crab cannelloni with sour cream and light romesco sauce.


I can’t say I was massively pleased to be sharing this crabby little thing. 

P1050581 P1050582 P1050584

And the show stealers…


Marinated fried fried fish with mojo rojo. Four were no where near enough. 


Pork neck, manchego cheese and mustard on a sweet little brioche bun. 


Insanely moreish.


The final savoury delight was confit potatoes with pork rib jus and boiled Iberian ham.

Then it was on to sweet treats…


Warm almond lava cake with raspberry and thyme sorbet…

P1050606 P1050610

As gooey, oozey and as dreamy as ‘that advert’.


Ice cream comes with it’s own trolly, ringing bells and everything!


Hot and cold chocolate fritters… So good that I almost forgot to take a picture! 


And my very favourite dessert ever… An infused candy floss tree.

P1050615 P1050617 P1050619 P1050625 P1050622

As the clock struck twelve I said goodbye to another year.

P1050626 P1050627 P1050629

And ate my tree bare.

P1050630 P1050632 P1050638 P1050640 P1050642

My kind of burger? 


 After a fantastical meal we made our way next door to 41 degrees for cocktails.

P1050644 P1050650 P1050658

I love tiki cocktails so I stuck to my roots and Tom followed suit as the drink genuinley sounded so good. 

P1050669 P1050676

Unfortunately it was not. It was like a curry and a cocktail all in a coconut. Not great at all but a funny little highlight.


And it was oh so pretty, unfortunately more style than substance. Give me the Liars club any day! 

P1050682 P1050686 P1050687

 This is my attractive face. 


We chuckled off the questionable cocktail and slipped off back to our hotel. Hands down my favourite foodie experience of all time, it’s going to take a lot to beat. 

Tickets is truly magical.

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  • Your foodie posts always make me so hungry! This place looks pretty special

  • Peter

    I have wanted to go to tickets for so so long. Thanks for sharing Lauren. Ace pictures too!!

    • My pleasure, most definitely worth a cheeky trip to Barcelona 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Oh sweet lord that looks amazing.

  • This sounds (and looks) delicious I’m definitely going to be giving this a go next time I am in Europe (if I am lucky enough to get a table). Love your blog! Happy Christmas from Oz 😉

    • Like I say as long as you know exactly when you are going you should get a table 🙂 Happy New Year from the UK!!

  • Max

    Really enjoyed this post, the food looks amazing. Great blog!

  • This place looks awesome! Great pictures

  • Great post!!

  • Oh my! The puddings look delicious! This is the first time I have EVER seen a candyfloss tree!!

  • Flora

    I am in love with your blog! The photography takes me to the places you write about, please keep up the great work!

  • Incredible I would love to go xo

  • In Barcelona I could visit a lot of good bars and restaurants, the food was very, very nice! We went to the restaurant of a gay hotel, I do not remember the name… it was a fantastic experience.