Super smoothies


 Like a lot of people Christmas left me feeling a bit ‘over indulged’. January for me is all about cleansing and balancing the over indulgence with a little health, but unlike most fad January detox/health kicks, these little babies are for life.

I have tried the smoothie thing before but never managed to get very far. I would buy tons of fruit with a heart full of good healthy intentions and by Wednesday my bananas would be brown and my strawberries a little sad. 

Now I do a big fruit shop on a Sunday and freeze my weeks smoothies in advance. I just wake up, blend and slurp on the way to work. 


 The beauty with freezing your fruit in advance is A. 10 minutes of chopping and bagging makes for a week of healthy, simple and delicious breakfasts and B. It’s cost effective.

This is my Gold Coast smoothie and the following ingredients make 7 mean breakfast smoothies.  

1 melon
3 or 4 bananas 
2 punets of blueberries
1 punet of strawberries
2 punets of blackberries
1 bag spinach
1 bag kale 
4 avocados
1 carton unsweetened almond milk 

 The melon protects your heart, reduces blood pressure and boosts your immune system. The bananas pack a good old energy boost and are full of iron. The blueberries are the antioxidant queens, they reduce free radicals and reduce belly fat. Strawberries boost immunity, help keep wrinkles at bay and reduce inflammation. The blackberries promote healthy skin, eyes and a healthy digestive track. The spinach and kale are the bashful heroes, you can’t taste them at all yet they pack a hefty punch in the nutrient department…

The fibre from leafy greens help slow down the absorption of sugar from fruit and the Kale has more iron per calorie than beef. Avocados aid fat burning, reduce inflammation & bloating, reduce cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, reduce signs of ageing, improve bad skin, work to prevent and fight cancer & heart disease. They’re also freaking delicious. The almond milk is another great source of protein and the ginger is wonderful for digestion and also reduces bloating. 


 Since slurping these little beauties I have noticed a difference in my skin, eyes, hair & nails. I suffer terribly with bloating (My boyfriend thinks I’m a medical marvel) and since starting with my smoothies I have noticed a HUGE difference. 


 Super easy, super healthy and the quickest way to grab a nutrient filled breakfast. 


 I will keep this post updated with any new recipes I try and please share your own. 

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  • I love smoothies too, my fave is greek yogurt, raspberries and strawberries. D-LISH

  • Anonymous

    They sound amazing but the colour really puts me off!

    • Don’t let it, it tastes lovely 🙂 Never judge a smoothie by its colour!

  • Jess

    Love this, so full of goodness! Where are the pretty straws from?

    • Jess. There are absolutely loads!

  • I love this recipe, I too am on a real summer slim detox. My fave smoothie is frozen strawberries, banana, raspberries and alpro vanilla yogurt. Delish!

  • Very berry:

    1 tbsp Honey
    1 pot Low fat yogurt
    Ice cubes


    • Love it! Everyone is adding yogurt, I am going to try a little in tomorrows. Thanks for sharing girls!

  • yum! I’ve seen so many juice/smoothie recipes recently I really need to get myself a blender..

    • Same! I really need to invest!!

  • Great recipe

  • Love smoothies! Great as a health thing but also as a dessert (ICE CREAM) Love this mix, going to give it a try and great tip re freezing!

  • Kym

    I really need to invest in a blender. Can I ask which you use?

    • I use a Tefal blendforce, it’s amazing! I can’t recommend enough

  • So you freeze the fruit/veg into portion sizes and then blend from frozen with the fresh almond milk… is that right? I’m shopping for these tonight!

    • Yeah that’s right, almond milk, soy milk, coconut water. Whatever you like. The key is low sugar. Keep the carbs and calories down 🙂 x

  • Molly

    Love the idea of freezing smoothies by day!