Bangkok diary


I am writing this blog post from Bangkok. Poolside with a chang in my other hand to be more precise…

A couple of weeks ago I booked myself a flight out of the cold to meet up with my better half who arrives tomorrow (He is working in Australia). Thailand seemed the perfect choice. I arrived yesterday afternoon, grabbed some food near my hotel and was in bed by 9 o’clock. Today however I woke up with a huge burst of energy, skipped breakfast and made my way to my favourite area of Bangkok, China Town. 

I hopped on a little boat from the central pier. As soon as I reached the pier I found myself handing over 100 baht to a little woman behind a desk and before I knew it whizzing down the Chao Praya river. 


Now I know most big cities have a China town but Bangkok’s is different. It’s a cooking pot of colour and madness. As soon as you step of the Ratchawong pier you feel immersed in cultured chaos, it seriously get’s your heart racing. 


I grabbed breakfast in the form of a strawberry and lychee smoothie.

P1030524P1030518 P1030522 P1030527

 It may sound silly but things always seems that little bit brighter here, it’s like someone has altered the saturation on pretty much everything. 

P1030529 P1030531 P1030533 P1030535

 I love this part of Bangkok because you mainly rub shoulders with the locals. Foreigners are few and far between and stick out like a sore thumb. People buy groceries, pick up lunch from the street vendors, buy a lottery ticket… You become a mere spectator of everyday life. 

P1030537 P1030536

I passed this man about five times before I plucked up the courage to buy myself lunch. I have always been taught that if you want ‘real’ food of the country you’re in try and eat where the locals eat. This guy had them queuing around the block.


He looked up and gave me a quizzical smile and tried to warn me that the salad was ‘veeeeeery hat’. Well I’d made it this far, no way was I backing out. He went on to skilfully put together my little tray of mango salad. 


I handed over my 20 baht (40p) and took a big old bite. When I didn’t run screaming he wished me a good day and carried on serving his many hungry customers. I turned the corner and let out an almighty dragon like breath of fire. It was infact very very hot but none the less ridiculously delicious. Fire breathing aside it was the nicest Thai salad I have ever eaten. Sweet, salty and fiery.


I spent my morning wandering, picking at fruit, sipping from coconuts and watching the world pass me buy in a colourful haze.


 Now you will find me as I started this post, by the pool with another Chang. A brilliant morning in my favourite city!  

(Also, I am staying in an awesome hotel. I will share very soon. It’s a goodie!)

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  • Anonymous

    Amazing amazing snaps, so bright! Amy x

  • You’re such a cosmopolitan chic, I love it!!
    I must say I do try to avoid fresh fruit in Thailand, so respect for you for going for it like that!! 🙂 xxx

    • Thanks sweet! In for a penny, in for a pound is what I say 🙂 xx

  • WOW so cool! I would love to go to Bangkok and Thailand as a whole. Amazing

  • Your photos are so beautiful. Incredibly jealous of your trip, looks amazing so far!


    • Thanks for the lovely comment Lisa! Love your blog x

  • Amazing pictures Lauren! soooo jealous!! Enjoy


  • Anonymous

    Street food ewwww! I would never eat off the streets give me a nice restaurant any day!

    • Each to their own 🙂 Some of the best food I have ever had has been street food and you find that most vendors stalls are extremely clean as it’s their pride and joy..

  • sounds like you’re having a wonderful time so far, I’m loving all the photos! can’t wait to see more!

  • Really love your pictures! It looks crazy (In a good way)

  • Ellie

    Amazing snaps! I really want to go to Bangkok after reading this. Love your blog 😀

  • Bangkok is one of my favourite cities in the world, you have captured it’s soul in these pictures. Well done!