Krabi Night market

krabi night market

You know how I love a good market, right?

The weekend night market in Krabi town was a major highlight of our trip.
It is jam packed with delicious food, clothes, street performers, local seafood & more fresh fruit & veg than you can shake a stick at. These are a few snaps of the little foody adventure!

P1040032 P1040033 P1040034 P1040040 P1040043

As well as amazing food there are some great little bars where you can grab a beer or in my case a cuba libre in it’s own bamboo shoot..

P1040044 P1040045 P1040046 P1040047 P1040049 P1040061

There is literally something for everyone, from coconut ice cream served out of fresh coconuts to BBQ Octopus. 

P1040060 P1040055 P1040069

Tom had his heart set on trying what he’d read was ‘the best Pad Thai this side of Bangkok’. We wiggled our way through the array of stalls in search of Ban Kooy. 

P1040073 P1040079 P1040087 P1040091 P1040094 P1040097 P1040084 P1040100 P1040103

Let’s just say it did not disappoint. Absolutely nothing like what you get in a restaurant.  Admittedly a little saucier than I prefer however the flavours were incredible.


It’s a share & share alike sort of deal. Tables litter the area, find a seat & make a friend. We ended up sharing a table with a lovely Chinese family. Don’t try to wish them a Happy Chinese New Year in their own language… I did and judging by the look on their faces I don’t think my well wishes were received. Turns out a Northern accent can butcher Mandarin. 


My advice is to head down early doors (around six) grab a beer and wander and nibble until you roll back to wherever you’re staying, which is sort of what we did.

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  • Molly

    It all looks so YUM!

  • Awesome & lively pictures!

  • Anonymous

    I would kill for a £1 Pad Thai right now

  • That place looks fantastic, so vibrant – and all the food!!!

    The pad thai looks so delicious.


  • Kymbely


  • Amazing pictures Lauren xx

  • beautiful photos! I love markets like these too

  • That looks divine! When I go to Thailand, I am so asking you to put my itinerary together ;-p xxx

  • Anonymous

    Great photography! What camera are you using?

  • James

    My wife and I went a few years ago. Great food and variety would highly recomend!

  • The Pad Thai looks awesome I really good eat that right now!!

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous photos

  • Anonymous

    Great photos! We are considering to go there this weekend. Is it the market in “walking street”? Do they sell other things than food? If so, what kind of things?