The island diary


Today has been an absolute dream. By that I mean one of those days you dream about when the weather is cold and the workload heavy. A day that involves nothing but the pursuit of simple pleasures.

 White sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and an ice cold beer. Today Tom and I got a boat over to Koh Tup and indulged in all of the above. Here are some pictures from today, mainly of sand and water.  

P1030667 P1030731 P1030720 P1030668 P1030669 P1030694P1030695 P1030779 P1030774P1030678 P1030702 P1030703P1030710 P1030717 P1030714 P1030752 P1030742 P1030749 P1030753 P1030778P1030784 P1030793 P1030805 P1030807 P1030834

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  • The picture with the sandbank WOW. What a dream that is!

  • wow! I’m so jealous..definitely the type of day I’m dreaming about right now. It’s been snowing here pretty much the entire day 🙁

  • Wowser’s Lol.

  • NaomiG

    Amazing photos xx

  • What I would do to be here today! Thanks for sharing..

  • Anonymous

    I love Thailand so much, I spent a moth there last summer with the girls. We had a ball and so many days were spent like this. Thanks for posting these pictures you have taken me right back!

    Anya xx

  • BE-A-UTIFUL!!!

  • Eek! Red eyed crabs. Lovely photos though!


    • It’s a little creepy isn’t it!? Thanks Lisa 🙂 X

  • Kymberly

    HOLY SH%T this place looks out of this world. Perfection!

  • Incredible pics, well done!