W Bangkok


My glorious little stay at Aloft only fed my appetite for the W experience. Welcome to Nasimi beach, the painfully glamorous stretch of sand at Atlantis The Palm. 

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy am I glad we did.  


 As soon as we walked in to the glossy, lacquered and very sparkly reception I just knew this was a hotel after my own heart. We were quickly whisked into the Woo bar for a couple of complimentary cocktails as our room wasn’t quite ready. 

Off to a rather good start…


 As a bar it’s relaxed, fun and painfully trendy. 


 This was my favourite little cocktail – Butterfly flower infused vodka, lime and 24 carat gold dust. Simply wonderful.

P1040223 P1040226

I fell in love with this mesmerising feature. The Tuk Tuk couture wall, complete with over 800 lights representing Bangkok’s traffic congestion and dazzling street lights. Just wow.  


A pillow menu, bedside tablet computers to pander to your every need (including turning the lights on/off), Bliss amenities and seriously cool Muay Thai decor… Yes, the room was truly spectacular. 

P1040229 P1040235P1040242 P1040239P1040232 P1040236

I found my calling, a new career path so to speak. When in Bangkok and all… 


We dragged ourselves away from the deliciously refreshing air-con for an afternoon dip in the pool.

ea6bb6ba742111e2976e22000a1fbc8d_7 P1040243 P1040245P1040244

And a drink or two… 

P1040251 P1040254

As the sun set we made our way back to the little Muay Thai fort to get ready for a last dinner in the city. 

P1040261 P1040264P1040267

This place leaves you with a sort of pampered, cocktail induced tipsy glow that has you whispering “I just want to go back” all the way home. I highly recommend a stay. I must admit I feel as though I have been caught hook, line and sinker by the W chain. Every travel plan now begins with “Does it have a W?”. 

You can find all room and booking info here.  

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  • Kate

    Amazing photos! The colors are just fantastic! Thank you for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    Love it! Stayed at the W @ Singapore Marina Bay. Check it out, it’s awesome too!


    • Oh I have been eyeing this up for my next trip to Asia, looks incredible!

  • SO GLAD YOU DID THIS REVIEW!! My BF and I are going to Thailand in August and this hotel looks perfect for the Bangkok leg. Thank you!

  • Stunning pictures! Love W hotels, they are a class of their own!

  • Stunning Photos! Love the W hotels, they are a class of their own!

    • Anonymous

      Kudos to that

    • Thanks Sam! I totally agree, league of their own!

  • This place looks incredible! (Bravo on the GIF)

  • Anonymous

    Amazing pics, the W experience is pretty awesome. If you ever get the chance, go to the W in Taipei- they have the best Sunday bubbly brunch and pool party that follows. The rooms are also pretty incredible!

  • Loving this review – have you been to the W in Barcelona? Awesome. Highly recommend.


    • Thank you Colby! I am going in July! Absolutely cannot wait 🙂 xx