Dubai diary, day three


Like a good little visitor to the United Arab Emirates I pre booked tickets to visit the tallest tower in the world which just so happens to home the most spectacular mall I have ever visited.

At the bottom of the Burj Khalifa you will find the world’s largest shopping mall. Simply and efficiently named Dubai Mall.


Thousands of pristine butterflies cascade from the ceiling. It’s all very whimsical.

P1060037 P1060055 P1060049 P1060056

After a morning of lustful window shopping and a stop at the Armani Cafe  we made our way to the tower. 

IMG_2584 IMG_2653

You book tickets in time slots and make your way through security to the bottom of the tower. From there in groups of around 10 you hop in a lift and whiz up 124 floors so not exactly to the top but believe me it’s high enough. The view is out of this world. 

IMG_2594 IMG_2597 IMG_2600 z
IMG_2617 IMG_2618 IMG_2626

After a skyscraper themed day we went back to the hotel and dressed for dinner which was coincidentally back at the Burj Khalifa…

At the bottom of the Burj Khalifa is the Armani hotel which homes an absolutely spectacular Indian restaurant, the Armani Amal. 

We ordered drinks and took them to the terrace to watch the amazing fountain show. 

IMG_2644 2242a42ac88e11e2b68a22000a1f9af0_7 IMG_2730 IMG_2741 IMG_2743-25281-2529 IMG_2672 IMG_2678-25281-2529

After an incredible water show and the most delicious floral infused mojito we sat down to eat. This was the restaurant I was most excited about of the whole trip so the tasting menu was the only way to go.  


For starters we were brought an array of soft shell crab, monk fish, chicken and lamb.

IMG_2715 IMG_2718

 Followed by four different curry dishes, breads, rice and dahl. Safe to say I was absolutely stuffed. I know I am being extremely vague on the details, I can’t remember exactly what they were nor can I rind a menu online to jog my memory. Bad blogger!! But I can tell you the food is unbelievably good. I was blown away, everything was just outstanding. 

IMG_2722 IMG_2725

 Having thoroughly experienced the tower from top to bottom we made our way back to our hotel on the Marina. Another beautiful day in Dubai! 

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