Rhodes Mezzanine


Tom treated me to a date. A proper date. I slipped into my favourite new dress, brushed my hair, put on make up… The works. 


My little blue number is from Topshop. 

We didn’t have to travel very far, our restaurant of choice was handily perched on the second or ‘mezzanine’ floor of the hotel. It turns out Mr Gary Rhodes is in residence at the hotel on a permanent basis (lucky devil).


We were warmly welcomed into our gorgeous and very quiet surroundings and quickly found ourselves with cocktails in hand.

IMG_3277 IMG_3279

A few canapes to with our drinks.


My drink of choice was an ‘English county garden’. 


Having unwound a little & enjoyed our drinks we made our way to our table for dinner.  


As a pre starter the chef sent out their signature white tomato soup. I’m going to have to go back and beg the chef for the recipe, it was unbelievably good. How they achieve the novel colour is a safely guarded secret. If you go and they don’t bring this out, request it. It isn’t actually on the menu but should not be missed.


I couldn’t make my mind up as to what I wanted for my main course and none of the starters jumped out at me. I was torn between the beef and the lamb at which point, to Tom’s slightly jealous horror, I declared I would have the beef to start and the lamb for main.

Food envy score: Lauren – 1 Tom – 0


The fillet of beef was unbelievably well cooked. Almost charred on the outside & perfectly succulent and pink in the middle, smothered in a rich red wine jus.


The truffle mac and cheese side it came with was just be-a-utiful.


Tom’s monk fish starter, although incredible was slightly over shadowed. 


My main course was fillet of lamb encased in filo pastry. Simple but insanely delicious. It absolutely blew me away, I could of easily taken seconds. Tom agreed and christened it ‘The lamb Wellington’. 


Tom had the duck two ways. A confit duck breast with a decadent duck spring roll. Although it was wonderful my lamb reigned triumphant. 

Food envy score: Lauren – 2 Tom – 0


 Continuing on a savory note we opted for a cheese board to finish which hit the spot. 


 Amazing food, great service and a lovely atmosphere. Probably one of the best meals I will ever eat & certainly a dream date. Thank you Tom x

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  • Been visiting Dubai for the last 10 years, and you are making me homesick missy!! Loving your blog! xxx

    • 10 years!! You lucky lady, lovely to hear! Thank you Danielle xx

  • Looks wonderful!! Good job Tom!!

  • I’m so hungry now. That food looks amazing!!! Would love to go to Dubai!!!

  • Nema

    Adorable dress!

  • I love your dress! looks so lovely xxx

  • Anonymous

    You have an amazing lifestyle! What do you do for a living?

  • Your blue dress is so much beautiful! And photo of fish makes me so much hungry.
    I had never met with Tom but he did great job!

  • Love that dress – looks like just one Motel are selling! I have recently launched a dress shop where you can shop by your body shape! http://www.lmflmf.co.uk – take a peak and let me know what you think of the dresses!

    We use ‘everyday’ women as our models so you can see what the dresses really look like!

    We have just got in some new Motel dresses and we have a cute off the shoulder dress like the one you are wearing here, but it is sleek plain black 🙂

  • Gorgeous dress and the place looks divine! x

  • Your blog is lush, I’ve spent a good half an hour staring at burger photos and am now particularly devastated that Almost Famous has burned down!

  • you look absolutely incredible! the dress is stunning and really suits your complexion and dark hair! also the food doesn’t look too shabby either! perfect xxxx


  • That looks beautiful.

  • The meat looks perfectly cooked!
    Great job Tom!

  • You’re so pretty! and the food looks so yummy 🙂