A day on the island


The sun rises over the island. A knife of light finds it’s way through your blinds awakening you from a deep sleep. You pull away your crisp, white sheets and muddle out of bed. You open your door and are greeted by a warm breeze and an enormous burst of light and colour. The only sounds are those of nesting birds, crickets and rhythmic to and fro of the waves gently meeting the sand.   

You sip your morning coffee and take in your surroundings, stopping to admire the shade of the water on a particular sandy corner. Starbucks has never looked so damn fine. 


 A bright and beautiful breakfast is in order to kick off your day. 


After breakfast you slip off to the sand. 

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 As the sun rises high and noon rolls in you find yourself a spot on the sand. 


By this point you have lost all concept of time and days. You are completely governed by the rising and falling of the sun. This being said it’s always 5 o’clock… Somewhere.


 The heavenly mix of ice cold coconut and rum slips down as the sun warms your skin and the water laps around your toes. Hermit crabs go about there day, dragging there shells across the sand.


You wander up and down the shore, making new friends along the way.


That grumbling in the pit of your stomach reminds you that it’s time for lunch.  


Fish freshly pulled from the ocean washed down with an ice cold glass of white wine is the order of the day.


Frasier (Crane) watches on eagerly, hoping you leave him a bite or two. Feeling full and refreshed after a long lunch you make your way back the beach to make the most of the afternoon sunshine, picking up a colourful beauty along the way.


 You pad along the sand finding refuge from the afternoon heat in the shade of a palm tree. 


As the sun begins to dip you enjoy a refreshing mango and passion fruit daiquiri. 


The blue sky transforms into an explosion of pink, yellow and orange.

Lonubo-25281-2529 Lonubo

 You grab your camera phone, wanting to capture every last second of the explosion of colour that lays before you. 


 I cannot recommend Maafushivaru enough. We booked our little getaway with the lovely people of Kuoni. They organised every last detail from speed boats to sea planes, we were wonderfully looked after from start to finish. Check out Maafushivaru’s website here. 

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