Australasia, Manchester


Australasia is a foodie playground cleverly disguised as a glass pyramid. An old favourite of mine for cocktails, dinners and parties, but there’s always more to discover.

I popped over a few weeks ago with my sister to sample their new menu and oh boy, were we in for a treat. 


The restaurant is just off the main Spinningfields square and is rather beautiful. It’s minimalistic and flooded with natural feeling light which, considering it’s tucked away underground is quite a victory. It mixes formal and chilled with ease.

Chipper staff swan effortlessly between tables. The place is packed with businessmen but doesn’t feel stuffy. 

Every table is an island who’s inhabitants are completely engrossed in its own existence.

A magical place for two curious people watchers!

We kicked off with cocktails.

IMG_7991 IMG_7992

And a jug of lemon grass and ginger infused water.

IMG_7993 IMG_7997 IMG_8001

We ordered and were quickly presented with our starters.

A portion of my beloved smoked duck ‘dragon’ rolls and spider rolls.

IMG_8004 IMG_8008 IMG_8011

Followed by seared Teryaki beef nigiri.


The real crowning glory however were the spicy salmon and tuna Gunkan. 

Hands down better than any I’ve had of late.

Pretty, too.


For the main event we really went to town.

I went for seared yellowfin tuna and foie gras with a sweet miso sauce. Deliciously crunchy, salty and sweet. 

The most delicate, rich tuna I’ve ever tasted. It almost felt as though it would melt on your tongue, like butter.

IMG_8027 IMG_8035

Sophie went for the roasted duck breast with shiitake mushroom croquettes and mango. Her facial expressions and ‘mmmmmms’ signalled strong approval. 


Sweet potato and rosemary mash and roasted baby aubergine with miso mustard


Sticky coconut rice in lotus leaf


We ate and chatted away for a good two hours before finally triumphing and polishing off the very last morsel.

Of course, there’s always room for pudding.

It’s a well known scientific fact that humans have two stomachs. One for savoury things that you can fill to the brim… before moving over to your pudding stomach. That one can always fit in a little extra sweetness.


Chocolate dome with salted caramel and blackberries. It’s a real looker!


Toasted coconut panna cotta with citrus. Indescribably delicious. 


The whole meal was one of the best I’ve had in a while, and not just because of the great company.

Australasia is fancy, without being snooty. The staff are utterly charming and I highly recommend a trip.

You can book online & check out the menus here.

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  • I was here on Saturday and had their afternoon tea with a twist! Was soo yummy! x

  • Looks delicious, especially those cocktails! xo

  • Rebecca McClane

    This looks amazing! You certainly know how to eat!