Evelyn’s cafe bar, Manchester


Something monumental has happened.

I think I may have found somewhere for us all to go for a guilt free January brunch!

I stumbled across Evelyn’s  between Christmas and New Year and had unknowingly found a temporary antidote to my bloated, over indulged self.


The cafe itself is absolutely gorgeous. Light and airy with exposed brick to give it a bit of an edge and wild flowers on every table. It’s all rather dreamy.

As you can see, the menu has something for everyone. That something for us was brunch, natually.


All of the festive fun had left me feeling a little bit drab so I plucked up the courage to order a green smoothie, which was surprisingly delicious.


Then on to the fun part.


Avocado toast and poached eggs with yolks as bright as the sun.


Beautifully done, not quite Federal but waaaay up there.

Korean fried chicken, fried egg , chilli and the ultimate squidgy bun. This was seriously good.


It isn’t a good brunch if you don’t order ‘something for the table’. This came in the form of buttermilk and honey comb pancakes. Thick, puffy, cloud like things. Topped with honeycomb butter and drizzled in sweet syrup.


They truly are very, very special.


Evelyn’s is a fantastic edition to the Northern Quarter and I really cannot wait to go back. Being on the New Year health kick, this is the perfect place to enjoy a little indulgence without ruining any hard work. They offer fantastically fresh food and a wonderful setting. What could be better?

Evelyn’s, G18 Smithfield Buildings, Tib Street. M4 1NB. Open Mon-Sunday, 9am-11pm. 

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  • Oh my goodness, this brunch looks amazing!! I love a good avocado and egg on toast!


  • Wow this is amazing! I’ve never heard of it before, will definitely have to try it out. Thanks for the heads-up! x

  • Ahh I love a good brunch spot!
    We’re planning on spending some time in Manchester this year (because believe it or not i’ve never actually been) so will be hitting you up for some suggestions when the time is closer! xo

  • Oh my ! All that looked so delicious . I’m hungry now 😀 😀 . I’m a major foodie so you can understand I guess .
    But I’m more of a lifestyle blogger 🙂

  • Hayley May

    This looks too good!!

  • I want to try that korean burger. Looks so delish!
    Love, Fads

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  • This place looks delicious! I’m planning a trip to Manchester, so I’ll have to write this into my itinerary. Thank you! — thewanderingspoon.net