The spa at The Midland


The spa at The Midland is a truly incredible place to pass a Monday. It’s just had a 1.5 million pound renovation, and it is heavenly.


I love a good spa and this place really does go above and beyond. The finish and attention to detail is quite spectacular. 

The pièce de résistance has to be the hanging nap pods.


I brought my good friend Mol along with me to put the spa through it’s paces. We spent the morning swimming and snoozing in the steam room.


At 12 sharp we were called for lunch.

A decadent tower of  sandwiches, pastries and scones.


For our treatments we were collected by our therapists and lead in different directions.

We both opted for the ESPA aromatherapy massage. I was taken into a room. My therapist asked me to close my eyes and choose between two scented oils.  I picked the one that made me say “oh, wow!”

I got myself comfy and she slowly worked every bit of tension out of my body. My tight muscles melted under her touch. I forced myself to think of nothing and after 90minutes I felt utterly reborn. 


Between treatments we stretched out in the spa’s nap room. Yawning like snoozing cats and sipping on cups of ginger and honey tea.


After a little snooze and a few more cups of tea we found ourselves in another secluded relaxation room and indulged in what all adults really want to do when left to their own devices in a giant cushioned room… 


We stayed in the spa as long as we possibly could, making the most of every last moment of blissful relaxation. We steamed, we swam and we planned our assault on the burger we were both craving.


If you are looking for a spa break in the city, the Midland is an absolute winner. As soon as you step into the spa you sort of forget yourself. Forget everything you’re supposed to do and just slip into this relaxed, jelly-like state. 

It was the most blissful spa break we could have asked for, just what the doctor ordered.

By the time we left, it felt like we’d abandoned the shells of our former selves and were heading back up to the city, fresh, rejuvenated and reborn!

Here is a link to the website and I would like to say a HUGE thank you to the Spa PR company for inviting me to review this little slice of heaven. It was an absolute joy and very safe to say I will be back very soon.

*All views are, as always, my own*.




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