Granger & Co, Notting Hill

granger and co_2576

On my last trip to London I made a beeline for a Granger & Co brunch. They don’t take reservations so we arrived early and queued around the block.

Let me tell you, it was worth it. The cafe/restaurant itself is absolutely perfect; light, airy and crammed with the most polished looking human beings I have ever laid eyes on. 

granger and co_2558

We kicked off with iced coffee and hot chocolate. 


Followed by a spectacular array of breakfast food. 

granger & co_2570

Eggs, avo and crispy bacon for me. 

granger and co_2574

A tropical fruit bowl.

granger & co_2567

The most incredible pancakes… thick yet as fluffy as a summer cloud smothered in lashings of honey comb syrup.

granger & co_2563

And some coconut bread which we ended up wrapping and taking away in our handbags to nibble on for the rest of the day. 

granger & co_2577

Having gorged ourselves on maple syrup and honeycomb butter we finished with a little stroll along Westbourne Grove which is handily where you will find them. They don’t take reservations so if you want to go on a weekend, arrive early and avoid the crazy queues. Seems in London that if there is a queue it’s a worthwhile one and Granger is no exception! 

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